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Liturgical Ministries


We welcome you to join any of our groups that assist the priest by extending a warm greeting, by serving at Mass; or by helping us find a seat, hear the Word of God, and receive His Body and Blood in Holy Communion. If you are interested in participating, please use the contact information below to get involved. Schedules are posted under the contact information.


Altar Servers

Coordination and Scheduling (8:30):  Stephanie Nehus at

Coordination and Scheduling (11:00):  Margaret Hall at

Coordination and Scheduling (Spanish):  Ena Mendoza at

Server Schedule 


Contact Anne Sluppick at

Greeter Schedule 



Contact Catherine Wade at

Usher Schedule 



Contact Catherine Wade at

Lector Schedule 


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion - EMHCs 

Contact Catherine Wade at

EMHC Schedule 


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the Sick/Homebound 

Contact Amy Guresky at

Liturgical Music

Contact Samantha Millard at

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Altar Servers 2023.jpg
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