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Advisory Boards

Pastoral Council

The Parish Council is an advisory body for the pastor. The members are elected for a three-year term by the church members. Up to one-third of the council, can be appointed by the pastor for a one-year term. 

(Statement of Right to Worship Safety Grant)

Liturgy Committee - Mike Millard and Ryan Burton

The Parish Liturgy Committee ensures the proper celebration of the liturgy and the appropriate carrying out of the rites of the Church.

Parish Life Committee - Kathy Logan, Lisa Felton and Peggy Bodemann

The Parish Life Committee is to assist and/or provide opportunities of community gatherings for the Parish Family to meet in a casual social atmosphere.

Education and Faith Formation Committee - Brenda Stevens, Stephanie Nehus and Margaret Hall

The Education & Faith Formation Committee is to help all parishioners understand that the entire Parish communion has responsibility for promoting the teaching mission of the Church.

Social Justice & Charitable Outreach Committee - Ken Kalahiki and Larry Womack

The Social Justice & Charitable Outreach Committee is to recommend the annual mission budget and promote special mission offerings for current social justice issues.

Building & Grounds Committee - Andy Anderson and John Steinhaus

The Building & Grounds Committee is to recommend the annual have general charge of the administration and upkeep of the grounds and buildings and make recommendations as appropriate for approval or disapproval.

Spanish Representative - Veronica Hughes

ex officio members:

Fr. Ravi Gudipalli - Pastor

Deacon Joe Harrison

Deacon Lee Leckner

Deacon Mike Cumnock

Deacon Greg Beeber

Bart Newman  - Finance Council

Diane Pollock  - Office Manager

Sheila Hansen  - Bookkeeper

Jodi Tooke  - Dir. Religious Education

Finance Council

Bart Newman, Madelyn Womack, Brenda Bahena & Thomas Smith Members

The Finance & Administration Council conducts the ordinary and extraordinary finances of the church. Members advise the pastor on the church budget and extraordinary financial matters. The pastor appoints all members.


ex officio members:

Fr. Ravi Gudipalli - Pastor

Sheila Hansen - Bookkeeper

Parish Council.jpg
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